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“The Taste Of Success”

Light Duty Bakery Ovens

The LINEMICRO range of UNOX Bake Off Ovens has set the standard for entry level ovens for customers on a tight budget. These have the same level of high cooking quality, steel chamber for maximum hygiene, optimum thermal insulation, versatility of use and the usual UNOX high reliability.

Apart from the Domenica – UNOX XF043 / UNOX XF040 (5.3kw) they all run off a 13amp plug, very quick pre-heat and they are easy manual or digital touch control operation.

Heavy Duty Bakery Ovens

The BAKERLUX SHOP PRO range of revolutionary UNOX Bake Off Ovens are based on three essential elements: quality, costs and time.
Unox Oven XFT180Unox Oven XFT190

The quality of BAKERLUX SHOP PRO includes the usual high standard of UNOX excellent baking results, with the patented dry.maxi system, to expel the humid air from the cavity, allowing the inner structure of the product to be baked evenly throughout. Again, the high reliability standards UNOX have regarding components used are tested over many years in the most difficult of environments.

There are two BAKERLUX SHOP PRO ranges; 600 (600mm wide) and 800 (800mm wide), both of which use digital and manual controls, ranging from 6.5kw down to 13 Amp plug-in models, with very quick pre-heat, rounded stainless steel cavity, reversing fan motors, heavy duty door seals, long life LED lighting plus door hinges tested for more than 100,000 openings!

Gastro Heavy Duty Bakery Ovens

With the range of UNOX gastronomy ovens – nothing is left to chance anymore!

All the following features are standard: MindMaps Control, STEAM MAXI System, DRY MAXI System, AIR MAXI System, core probe, all side hinged doors are reversible, Protek Safe System, reversing fan motors, LED lighting plus the option of rotor klean washing system.

From high volume cooking of bread, pastries and pizza, grilling of fish, meat and vegetables, roasting skewers (10 per tray) to steaming and roasting chickens – the ultimate in gastronomy cooking – the chef’s dream is here!

UNOX Oven Accessories

We stock a variety of UNOX accessories and if we do not stock it, we can get it very quickly. 

Oven stands.
Teflon trays.
Aluminium trays.
Baguette wires.
Flat bread wires.
Oven stacking kits.
Oven washing systems.
Oven hoods.
UNOX Det & Rinse.
Data loggers.
Splash protectors.

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